Cooperation between Iran and Chile in the field of aquatic health


Head of Iran veterinary organization, in a meeting with Chilean veterinary chief, welcomed the development of bilateral cooperation in aquatic health.

According to the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture information center, quoted from the public relations department of the veterinary organization, in a meeting between Dr. Alireza Rafieeipour, head of the veterinary organization of Iran, with Dr. Alicia Gallardo, National Deputy Director of Aquaculture of the Chilean National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service, at the World Health Organization Summit on the health of aquatic animals which was held in Santiago; head of veterinary organization of our country said: considering that Chile is the world's second largest producer of salmon fish in the sea (cage),  invited Chilean veterinary experts to contribute in education, focused on epidemiology and diagnostic health management of fish breeding in the cage,  for veterinaryy experts of our country.

Dr. Alireza Rafieeipour, in describing the axis of his conversation with his Chilean counterpart, added that: in light of the efforts of the World Health Organization to have twofold increase in the production of aquaculture products, in aquatic plant countries, and Iran's decision, in the last few years to produce fish in cages, based on our five-year development plan, cooperation with leading and successful countries in this new and important industry is essential and needed.

  Also in a meeting with the head of the veterinary organization with our country's ambassador in Chile,  Dr. Khazaei, ability of knowledge, technology, transfer of affairs to people, and success of veterinary health management in creating value added for animal production management and food safety, with the scope of managing livestock products, was discussed.

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