Norway's willingness to help develop fish cage culturing in Iran


Heads of veterinary organization of Iran and Norway announced their willingness for further cooperation, in the form of a cooperation protocol signed between the two countries. According to the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture information center, quoted from the public relations department of the veterinary organization, on the sideline of the OIE Global Conference on Aquatic Animal Health, which was help in Chile in April 2019, Dr. Alireza Rafiee-Pour,  met the head of the Norwegian veterinary organization- Norway ranked 1st in fish cage cultivating, in the world. In their meeting, agreement was made on holding training courses related to breeding, also diagnosing fish diseases in the cage breeding industry in Iran, also in the fields of health, supervision, equipment and facilities needed for Iran, by Norwegian experts.

Also in a meeting which occurred between Dr. Alireza Rafiee-Pour and Turkey's veterinary representatives, Iran and Turkey can collaborate in the area of livestock health, food and livestock health, raw animal products, at the level of the regional and intercontinental treaties- thanks to their excellent reputations in the world.

On the sideline of this meeting, cooperation with Australia, and exchange of views between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Australia in the field of veterinary medicine were also discussed.
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