Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture: An annual production of $ 80 billion of food in Iran

Minister of Jihad- Agriculture said that 85 percent of the food needs are being provided in the country, and also added that: in Iran, 80 billion dollars of food is being produced every year, with 75 billion in domestic consumption. According to the information center of Jihad-Agriculture, Mahmoud Hojjati has also added that: In the agricultural sector, about 15% of the agricultural and food-based needs are dependent on imports, which most of the goods and commodities we need are animal feed and poultry, including meal and soybeans, mainly imported from the American continent.


He did also mention that due to recent harsh sanctions against our mother-land, we faced some challenges in livestock and poultry sector, in providing animal and poultry food, and added: but by optimize usage of rich motherland’s resources, thanks to almighty God, and making improvements in the pattern of cultivation and paying more further attention to the production and modification of the livestock and poultry feeding patterns, e.g. from soybean meal to rapeseed meal, we can reach a high level of  productions in our country. 

He continued and told that: at the moment, 15 percent of global food trade is in the hands of developed countries, of which 10 to 12 percent are those that are in the domination group, or have domination records in their history.


The minister of Jihad-Agriculture reiterated that: Japan, as a post-modern country, with huge foreign exchange, and no sanctions problem, tries to produce the rice they need in their country, also Europeans, after World War II, came to the conclusion to strengthen their agriculture to reduce their food dependence on other countries and nowadays heavy subsidies are being paid to the manufacturing sector, in their countries.

 He also added that: this year is blessed with huge rainfall, and the lands have enough water, even though damages have been made by rainfall, but the water of qanats, springs and underground aquifers has been strengthened which can promise a fruitful year for farmers and their agricultural products.

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