The value of greenhouse products exports will increase to $ 1 billion


Executive of the country's greenhouses’ plan, in regard to the production of greenhouse products in recent years, has grown quite well, has told that: The value of greenhouse products exports will reach more than $ 1 billion in 2019.

According to the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture Information center, quoted by IRNA, Valiollah Bani-Aameri, in the 4th international exhibition of green Iran, has added: in 2018, the value of greenhouse products exports reached $ 500 million, which was $350 million more than that of the export of greenhouse product in the year of 2017. Iran has the greatest growth, compared to other countries, in exporting greenhouses’ products. 

He also added that: The total agricultural export of Iran is $ 5.4 billion, which gardening accounts for 50% of that. He also mentioned that we are trying to have two-fold increase in the area of greenhouses’ in the country in 2019, which can play an important role in the sustainability of production, export growth, employment creation and asset escalation.
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